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Personal Quote:
Elisabeth Moon is a author that really brings out a great story,she is capable of making you see two sides of a story in a great way.She truly is a great author.

Elisabeth Moon was born 1945 in Texas, USA. Her single mother had a HardwareStore,were her dother learn all about nails and screws.During here School time Elisabeth read Tolkien and a hole bunch of Sci fi books,during this time she didīnt think here wrighting was in the same class as the books she had read,so she started study instead.She got a deggre in Biology,Geology and Historie at the Rice University in Houston.Now after this she did something very strange,she joined the Marines and stayed for tree years,leaving as a Lieutenant.In 1983 she and here husband adopted a handicapped child.Her first book wasīnt published before 1988 with the first book in the Paksenarion trilogy.Since that she has written two more books that are involved in the Paksenarion series,she has also written tree Science Fiction books.

Paksenarion Story:
Ok so heres the story.The story surrounds a young girl called Paksenarion or Paks she lives with here should we say not so nice family so one day she runs away to join a Counts army,being a girl the life that she has chosen is not easy witch she soon will find out.So her life circles around go from one war to another.She meets friends and enemy's and soon she will be more and more respectable then ever before,winning honor in battles.But she will also have a dark period in here life where shes not so strong anymore,not trusting anybody.But in the end shes just the same Paks as she started of to be,strong and powerful,becoming one of the greatest Pal.........well I cant tell you the hole story now can I....

The Legacy Of Gird:
-Surrender None
-Liarīs Oath

-Sheepfarmer's Daughter
-Divided Allegiance
-Oath of Gold

Planet Pirates:
-Generation Warriors
-Death of Sleep

Other Stories:
-Change of Command
-Rules Of Engagement
-Once a Hero
-Remnant Population
-Sporting Chance
-Hunting Party
-Winning Colors
She has also written a great deal of Short stories...