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Personal Quote:
Stephen Donaldson is to me a author that really surprise you,his series about the very unique hero called Thomas Covenant was something that really shaked me up.He captures in his books what I think that all of us would like to do,travel away to place filled with mysterious things and go on some wonderful adventures.

Stephen R Donaldson was born 1947 in Ohio,USA.A great deal of his childhood was spent in India,where his father was a doctor at a leppar Hospital.It is from this that Stephen gets his knowledge about this disease.India really inspired him and that's were he got his inspiration for his great Fantasy creation.The Land,Donaldson fantasy world has there by a different mytologi background then the other Fantasy books has.That makes them unique and independent.Now the chronicles about Thomas Covenant "e;The Faithless"a; was relised in 1983-1991,now this is a story about guilt,drama and anger and about winning clearness about who you really am and there by winning peace with in one self.Now this is also a adventure were god meets evil,but this story has two sides.One is the great adventure taking place and the other is were Thomas Covenant is struggling against his inner demons.

Thomas Covenant:
Thomas Covenant has just had his break through as a author and life is starting to be a pretty good thing.Then suddenly he meets a terrible Faith,he becomes a leppar,his life breaks up in pieces.He falls deeper and deeper into self pitty and depression,at this point there seems to be no other choice then suicide,but ones more faith has something else in mind.He is involved in a accident witch brings him threw time and space to another world,The Land.Now this is a strange place were magic is as normal as breathing air and water running down the rivers.But The Land is in danger,the dark Lord Nid and his army of dark beings is spreading threw The Land,with only one motive,to destroy it.Now against his own will Thomas Covenant realizes that strange forces has brought him here,and that only him and him alone has the Power to win over the evil forces of Lord Nid....

The First Chronicles About
Thomas Covenant,The Unbeliever:

-Lord Foulīs Bane
-The Illearth War
-The Power that Proserves

The Second Chronicles About
Thomas Covenant,The Unbeliever:

-The Wounded Land
-The One Tree
-White Gold Wielder

The Gap Series:

The Gap Into Conflict:
-The RealStory

The Gap Into Vision:
-Forbidden Knowledge

The Gap Into Power:
-A Dark and Hungry God Arises

The Gap Into Madness:
-Chaos and Order

Mordantīs Need
-The Mirror of Her Dreams
-A Man Rides Through

-The Man Who Killed His Brother
-The Man Who Risked His Partner
-The Man Who Tried To Get Away

Short Storys:
-Daughter of Regals and Other Tales
-Daughter of Regals
-The Lady in White
-Mythological Beast
-Animal Lover
-The Conqueror Worm
-Unworthy of the Angel
-What makes us Humans
-Ser Visalīs Tales
-The Djinn who Watched over the Accursed
-Reave the Just