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Personal Quote:
Terry Brooks was to me a author that showed a very intensive story,he gives you a great view of how it would be to actually enter his world.His books gives a very classic Fantasy story but with his own little touch of Magic.

Terry Brooks was born 1944 in Sterling, Illinois, and he spent his first 40 years of his life there.Now this is something interesting,did you know that Sterling is the prototype for Hopewell, the setting of the series in Running with the Demon. Brooks went to the Hamilton College in New York were he got at undergraduate degree in English Literature.But his school years don stop there,he also got a Law degree from Washington &camp; Lee University in Virginia. He practiced law for great deal of his life , working during the day and writing at night. He wrote his first four books on that schedule,but in 1986 he left the Law to write in full time.Now Brooks and his wife Judine live in Seattle, along with a cat. They have a second home in Hawaii.

Quote:"writing is a profession that chooses you. It catapults you directly into a twilight zone of compulsive behavior, and you write because you have to write. One choice you have is your subject matter. I write fantasy because it gives me a bigger canvas to paint on."

Ones in a time all races lived happily in the Four Lands,but now the Ancient leader,the Druid Allanon is dead since many years back.So the land and its people are heading against there own destruction.Humans and Dwarfs live in slavery,the Elf's are hiding and the Trolls are hiding deep in to the big mountains.Only tree people can set the Balance right and they are from the Shannara Clan.This humans are the young Par,his cousin Wren and there Onkel Walker Boh.But the missions that they are set out to do seems almost impossible.Mean while the Shadows and the Monster grows in numbers in the land,spreading like a disease or virus across the Four Lands.The faith of the Four Lands doesn't look good,but the power from the Shannara Clan brings out unexpected hope and powers to the people in the Four Lands.....

Magic Kingdom:
-The Black Unicorn
-Wizard at Large
-The Tangle Box
-Witches Brew

His more complicated
Shannara saga

-The Sword of Shannara
-The Elfstones of Shannara
-The Wishsong of Shannara

The Heritage of Shannara:
-The Scions of Shannara
-The Druid of Shannara
-The ElfQueen of Shannara
-The Talismans of Shannara

After these he wrote another
"Shannara" book
which was set before
the time of Sword of Shannara
it can be read as the first book,
or read after the others

-First King of Shannara

The Word and the:
-Running with the Demon
-Knight of the Word
-Angel Fire East