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Personal Quote:
J.R.R. Tolkien was the first Fantasy author I read,before him a was a strict Detective novel reader.I read Sir.Arthur Conan Doyle and other authors like him.So I have to say thanks to Tolkien for showing me the right path,the path of Fantasy that grows stronger for every book I put in front of my eyes.Thanks......

J.R.R Tolkien was born 1892 in Bloemfontein,SouthAfrica.Tree years later,1895 his mother returned to his native land,England BirmingHam.Hes name is something that most fantasy readers don't know,well here it is,John Ronald Reuel Tolkien.Now at the age of twelve Tolkien were with out a mother and a father.He and his brother moved in with his Aunt.A couple of years later he started his first years at Oxford University.And at the year of 1916 he married his wife Edith Bratt.He was a professor at the Leeds University and Oxford were he taught English and AncientEnglish.Tolkien is the father of four children.In 1971 his wife Edith passed away.And two years later Tolkien himself passed away leaving a legacy of some of the greatest Fantasy books ever written behind him.....

The Lord of the Rings:
Hobbits are a peaceful and small grown race,that wants nothing else to live in peace and harmony.Living there lifes threw a coup of Beer and some good stories.But in there possession they have a very strange and mysterious ring,The RulerRing witch can turn god in to evil.Far from there peacefull village in the shadowlands of Mordor,the evil Sorcery Sauron is making plans how to conquare the ring.The hobbits have but one choice,to destroy the ring in *JudgementCliff*.A selected but small group lead by the hobbit Frodo heads out on this dangerous journey,a journey filled with adventure and terror....

The Lord of the Rings:
-Prestory:The Hobbit
-The Fellowship of the Ring
-The Two Towers
-The Return of the King

Tree and Leaf:
-Leaf by Niggle
-On Fariy Stories

Other Books:
-Smith of Wotton Major
-The Adventures of Tom Bombadill
-The Father Christmas letters
-Mr. Bliss

Published by his son
Christopher Tolkien:

-The Silmarillion
-Unfinished Tales
-The Book of Lost Tales. 1
-The Book of Lost Tales.2

This books were written by
Tolkien himself.