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Personal Quote:
Maggie Furey was my first female Fantasy Author and she brought me to a place in the Fantasy world that I had never imagine possible.She brings you a great adventure with that extra touch of romance that you never see in ordinary Fantasy books.

Maggie Furey was born in Hertfordshire,North East England. She is a qualified teacher, but has also reviewed books on BBC Radio New castle, been an advisor in the Durham Reading Resources Center and organized children\rquote s book fairs.She now lives in County Wicklow, Ireland, with her husband and six cats.

Aurian is a young girl belonging to the race of Magicians.She is brought to the Magicians Castle in the city called Nexis,where she will be trained in the arts of Magic.The Magicians leader,Miathan has his own plans for the young Aurian,but that does´nt stop here from becoming friends with some of the Human race.Forral,the Captain of the guard squad teaches Aurian the art of swordfighting and battle and becomes here friend.In time Aurian falls in love with the Human Forral and manage to convince him that it does´nt matter that they are from two different races.Now there love is strong and beautiful and in time Aurian gets pregnant.When Miathan (Leader of the Magicians) discovers that Forral and Aurian is having a child together he gets absolutely mad,he wants Aurian for himself,as wife as well as a servant.This causes a battle between Forral and Miathan and during this Miathan uses one of the Ancient Relics of Power,there by bringing life to evil Powers.Aurian realizes that she has no choice but to escape to stay alive.In Terror she realizes that she has to find the rest of the Relics of Power,to save the world from Miathans madness and also its destruction...

The ArteFacts of Power:
-Harp of Winds
-The Sword of Flame
-The Heart of Myrial