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Personal Quote:
David Eddings,well what can I say,his the best.Now if you never read a Fantasy book in your life I can truly recommend this author.He will get you hooked on Fantasy like as if it was a drug or something.He makes his story's seem that you're right in them,and that you are in the books helping out....well simply walk to the Library and borrow this books,you wont regret it.

David Eddings was born on the 7th of july 1931 in Spokane Washington.He was raised in the Puget sound area,north of Seattle.1954 he received a Bachelor degree in arts at the Reed College in Portland,Oregon.In 1961 he got his Master of Arts degree at the University of Washington.Now Eddings has tried many different things,in his earlier life he served in the US Army,worked as buyer at the Boeing Co,he worked as a GroceryClerk and has toyght out English.On the 27th of October in 1962 he married his wife Judith Leigh Schall.Now the first book Edding had published was *High Hunt* in 1973,it was a contemporary adventure story.But fantasy has always been his big interest so he started on the great fantasy series that most Fantasy readers know,The Belgariad.At this time Eddings has authored about 20 books,this includes 4 series and also two separate books.Now Eddings and his Leigh lives in Carson City,Nevada.

SparrowHawk Story:
After ten years of exile,SparrowHawk returns to Elenien to resume his duty as the queens knight and warrior.The joy for returning is soon to be changed in to dispear.The young queen Ehlana has suffered the same disease that killed the old king Aldreas,her father.It is only by the powers of Sephrenia,the PandionKnights teacher in Magic that the queen is still alive.Trapped in a cube of crystal she sits as a mute and beautiful ice Sculpture,doomed to death if no cure is found with in the year.Mean while here enemy,Annias the Primas of the Elenien Church makes his evil plans.With no choice SparrowHawk and the Magician Sephrenia,and a most mysterious little girl called Pipa,tries to save Ehlana and the land,only to discover that the evil forces was bigger then they could imagine.....

Belgarion Story:
One time when the world was still young,the god Aldur took a stone in his hands,he shaped it with his hands there by making it live.The stones power became great,and Aldur made a great deal of wonders with it.But his brother the god Torak tricked the stone from Aldur,and his evil drove man and gods in to war with one and others.Belgarath the Sorcer,Aldurs disapel manage to retrieve the stone back from Torak and gave it to the Clan of Riva to be protected and kept for safe keepings.And as long as the Stone is in Rivas hands,the prophecy says that all the West kingdoms are safe.But all this is myths and legends according to the young Garion who doesīnt believe in such things.Not even when he is drawn in to mysterious events,witch forces him to leave his home together with the people he loves and trusts.But during this long and dangerous journey he starts to realize that everything isīnt like it appears to be,nothing,not even himself.....

The Belgariad:
-Pawn of Prophecy
-Queen of Sorcery
-Magicians Gambit
-Castle of Wizardy
-Enchanters End Game

The first serie about
The Mallorean:
-Guardians Of the West
-King of the Murgos
-DemonLord of Karanda
-Sorceress Of Darshiva
-The Seeress Of Kell

The Second Serie about
The Elenium:
-The Diamond Throne 1
-Ruby Knight 2
-The Saphire Rose 3

The First series about

The Tamuli:
-Dome Of Fire
-The Shining Ones
-The Hidden City

The Second Serie about