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Personal Quote:
Robert Jordan,well his books are good but im starting to get a little bit bored.I mean when are this series ever gona end.Its great and all but I think its time to end the quest for Rand l Thor.Other then that his a great author with a great sense for story telling.

Robert Jordan, was born 1945 in Charleston,South Carolina and he has been very devoted to his home town.Now Jordan is a Vietnamveteran,during his time there he started to mislike everything about war and the evil side that it brings out.Now his also a former fysic,and this showed him to see the world in a beautiful way,much like his books.On his spare time Jordan likes to Fish,Hunt and Sailing.And when the weather is bad he plays pool and chess,he also collects pipes.

The Wheel Of Time:
A group of Five young humans,one marketplacetrickster and two members of the mysterious Aes Sedai order,escapes from a small village in the outer realm of civilization to reach Tar Valon,Aes Sedai legendary HeadQuarter.Evil beings has appeared in the peaceful land to capture the five young humans,and only in Tar Valon will they be safe.When they are safe the Aes Seadi, Moiraine hopes to discover why this particular humans are so important to the *Lord of Shadows*.But signs in time shows that mysterious events are about to happen.But during the journey the group will split up, seeking there own path to the only safe place they know,Tar valon.

The Wheel of Time:
-The Eye of the World
-The Great Hunt
-The Dragon Reborn
-The Shadow Rising
-The Fires of Heaven
-Lord of Chaos
-A Crown of Swords
The Conan Series:
-Conan the Invincible
-Conan the Unconquered
-Conan the Magnificent
-Conan the Victorious
-Conan the Triumphant
-Conan the Defender
-Conan the Destroyer
Other pseudonyms
Reagan O'Neal:

-The Fallon Blood
-The Fallon Legacy
-The Fallon Pride
-Jackson O'Reilly

Western genre:
-Cheyenne Raiders
-The Still To Come