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So this is my little pet,well shes not so little anymore,shes starting to pass the 2 meter line soon.Snakes are a big passion to me,so I don't like people that have, should we say made up there mind before even trying to hold or touch one.So now that I have you here how about trying to learn something about this so called *feared predator*.

Ok,now this is some basics about my little pet.


Well shes a she,born on 27 of may in 1997.I got her when she was only about four weeks old,no longer then a common ruler,about 30 cm.So shes grown a bit since then.Now many might wonder why the name Nemesis,well I'm a big fan of Greek mythology and Nemesis was the goddess of justice and revenge.Nemesis is a very social snake,well she doesn't make party's and stuff but shes not uncomfortable being with people.I see it like this,if you are going to have a snake as a pet you have to spend time with it,otherwise it will become wild.So Nemesis is like a pet worm,shes never hizzed or bitten anybody,if she would it would only be in self defence.
Nemesis is a Boa Constrictor,or as the more well known name,King Boa.Constrictor is from the Latin name *Constrict* witch means sufficade or strangle.That's what they do when they kill there prey.Now you might think that this is a cruel method of killing an animal,but think about it.Lions go for the trouth,basically there ain't no animal that kills its prey in one moment,so don't judge the snakes anymore then you judge any other animal.The Constrictor is spread all over the South America,and there are many different colors and sizes,but they look the same in shape and in form.A Constrictor will get about 5-6 meters long.Now this is something that you might find interesting,the most famous snake that most people have heard about is a part of the Boa family,and that's the big number one,the Anaconda.

The Boa Constrictor is well known for its very cool temper and is one of the most gentle snakes to have as a pet,but theres also another very unique thing about them,and that is there ability to grow very old.It is documented that the longest a snake has ever lived was for 40 years,3 months and 12 days.Now what snake was this,well off course a Boa Constrictor named PopEye.

Now this section is for those who might find it interesting to see how a *Hunt* is performed by a Boa.Its a step by step explanation on a basic *Hunt*.Just click the link that says *HUNT*.