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Okthis site is nothing for the weak hearted ones,andremember dont say:
Ohhh the Rat...Its natures law.

1.The hunt begins as soon
as she smells the rat.

2.She focus in,and strikes
locking the Rat in here Mouth.

3.Rapidly she pulls the Rat
closer to get more Control.

4.The Rat struggles to get free
but ones she bite she want
let go.

5.She starts using more of her body,
twirling it around the Rat.

6.At this point the Rat has
no chance of escaping.

7.As the Rat takes a breath
the grip gets more tighter,
and more,more...

8.Then finally the breathing stops
and feading can begin.
Now this is how a hunt can be,
Boas dont actually hunt,they
simply wait for the Prey to get