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You must be 13 or older to Apply to this Award.

* The site should be in English or translation provided.
* I will except Commercial and personal Web sites
* I will not except pornographic or racist web sites.
* No "Under Construction" signs!No great site is never finished.
* No pop ups other than those imposed by your server which are not within your control.
* Your spelling and grammar will be checked
* If you have music or sounds on your site, there *must* be an easy way of turning it off.
* The site must have a content,not only links and Banners.
* If you have some links,make sure they work

* I want the site to have a nice flow through all your pages.The Graphics should go well together,Buttons and Dividers.
* I love Fresh graphics, If you use some other people's graphics,give them credit for it.
* Java applet/script pages should work.

* Easy navigation makes the visitor happy,so have a location were one can get access to all your pages.
*Its always nice when you don't have to use the BackButton.

Effects and Browser:
*Sites should work in both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.
*Special effects shouldn't take to long to load.And they should work.

*I will answer to every Application.*


RealmAward 2000 was Rated 2,5 by Focus.