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First let me Welcome you to *the RealmKeeper*. Well this site is mostly dedicated to Fantasy.
Its a collection of authors and there books and i have even included some short reviews about there books.
So if your interested in Fantasy i suggest you take the next stop to the Authors page.
If your here becourse of some other reason i suggest you start looking around and see if you find anything you like.
RUNE...Well its only the greatest Multiplayer Game ever..Be a Viking Warrior slashing that Double edged Axe at your opponents head..Swish and its Of...No serious if youre Looking for a great Online game this is it..Be Admin and control the Game...And more.. RUNE is also a very friendship binding game..You get the chance to meet others and talk to them and maybe even get in to a CLAN..Now a CLAN is something that is pretty cool..There are all sort of CLANS...Find one fitting you..

a sample of the real choose the bg color..
The year 2001 i gave out this Award "D-Award".But thats in the past.Now if your looking for a award the one im giving is simply called "REALMAWARD".. Its harder to earn but that only shows that the site is well done...Be sure to read all the CRITERIA before applying.. Its only a few steps and it makes it easier for me to see if youre a winner..Well good Luck... ;0)
Let me tell you little bit about The RealmKeeper,im a guy that likes to test new things when it comes to web design..Mostly the graphic area.. But i also try som Java and CGI..But this site has no Java or other special web feutures. Thats becourse i didnt find any cool thing to put up so this year you have to surf my site with out any flashy stuff..Sorry.. ;o)

"To live we have to breath,to breath we need air,to some FANTASY is air..Its how we Live.."

A special Thanks to Catherine Ruston at Perfectory.
For the *Customized Slide Bar* code